M5tec have been providing innovative engineering solutions to the Nuclear Industry for many years and have an exceptional understanding of its challenges.

We have a proven track record in nuclear decommissioning projects. The majority of the projects undertaken have revolved around designing equipment, assemblies, sub-assemblies and fabrications which are used for remote handling of hazardous  material. We have designed various recovery systems for equipment which is situated in hazardous environments where man access is not permissible including crane recovery systems and shield door recovery systems. 

M5tec provides in-house multi-discipline engineering, design, manufacture, assembly, testing and commissioning to the Nuclear industry. Our engineers have a number of years’ experience within the industry which allows us to offer a broad range of services and knowledge to our clients.

As demand for energy continues to grow worldwide, there is a rising global priority to create designs which assist in making Nuclear fusion energy a commercially viable source of power generation. At M5tec we have developed an extensive network of successful relationships and partnerships with several Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies to help make this happen.

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