Design Simulation and FEA

M5tec offer a complete range of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) and simulation services which help our clients render conceptual designs into reality. Our engineers have vast industry experience which has been used throughout the world to resolve complications associated with dynamic and/or static loads, advanced non-linear materials and contact interfaces.

Our FEA services help clients to verify their designs against recognised industry standards such as British Standards, Lloyds and DNV. Simulations can be used to correctly select the most economical material, design and geometry prior to production thus saving time and money.

Our knowledgeable engineers are able to suggest pertinent solutions post analysis which helps clients save on costs which would normally be lost on recurring prototyping and design iterations.
At M5tec we can offer the following:

  • FEA structural analysis
  • FEA stress analysis
  • Linear and non-linear analysis
  • Buckling analysis
  • Fatigue investigation and failure analysis